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About N2G

Who’s Behind Not £2 Grand?

Chris Pollitt – Owner & Editor

He bought his first car at the tender age of fourteen. It was a brown Triumph Dolomite and it cost £40. You can imagine then just how terrible it was. Still, it didn’t matter, as he immediately drove it into a wall because, despite buying a car, he didn’t yet know how to drive. Smart lad.

The point here is that Pollitt has been living cars for as long as possible. It’s been cars since he could talk, the Corgis and the Matchbox kind, then the real versions to the tune of around 130 so far. He lives and breathes cars. He’s made it into a passable career in motoring journalism, and through that, he created Not £2 Grand. He’s the one behind the bulk of the content on the site, he’s the one fruitlessly singing the ‘praises’ of the Rover 800 and he’s the cattery engine behind this machine.

Mr. Jalco – Designer/Artist Extraordinaire

Mr Jalco is the resident N2G artist. He’s been a professional designer and illustrator for almost a quarter of a century now, which gives you an idea of just how old and crusty the miserable git is.

As with most artists, he’s socially awkward, allergic to sunlight and really only happy when we throw him the occasional new box of crayons. The promise of a drive in an F40 would probably get him to leave the studio, but we all know how slim the chances of team N2G hooking that up is. We did once try and get him to draw something not car or spaceship related, and Chris’ leg still twinges in cold weather. So best not go there.

When not doodling cars, attempting (badly) to fix old cars or driving (badly) the aforementioned old cars, he is partial to a bit of Lego, Star Wars and Calvin & Hobbes.

Mike Mason – Tech/Web Dev/Neo from the Matrix

Mike's career in computers started in 1981 at the grand old age of 11 with a ZX81. He'd been writing code four years before his first computer studies lesson in school. During that year, the class had to team up in small groups and write a program of their choosing. Mike chose a text based adventure. Using techniques he learned the years before, he wrote some incredibly efficient code that was structured and looked beautiful. However, when it was marked he only got 47 out of 50, whereas another team who did the same sort of adventure, but with inefficient code, got full marks. Something that he has never forgotten. But he's not bitter about it.

When it comes to cars, Mike has always loved a classic. His first car was the usual BL Mini which was a bit of a shed. He bought a Ford Anglia as a daily, which he still has, but it needs restoring. 

Currently, his daily is the greenest BMW Z3 in the world. The other cars in the Mason household are a Rover 214 and a BMW E36 convertible. Cars being restored are a BMW E21 316 and a Ford Anglia van.

About Not £2 Grand

Pollitt is the man who started it all some ten years ago. A motoring journalist with over fifteen years in the game, he wanted a place on the internet where petrolheads of limited funds could unite. That Pollitt loves cars, make no mistake, but as is the irony of being a motoring writer, he’s never had the money to buy anything fancy. Instead, he’s lived a motoring life of trying to exploit the most out of a meagre motoring budget, and it was from this that Not £2 Grand was born.

It’s a site to champion the cheaper cars, to show what you can own and drive. And over the years it has grown into a community of people who know that there is more to life than finance and PCP deals. N2G is here for the adventures, for the experiences and for cars. We’re here to keep cars fun.

We’re also here to celebrate a love for cars, which is why we have branched out into the world that is sweet, sweet merch. Will we make some money by doing this? Of course we will. But that’s not why we’re doing it. No, we’re doing this to give something back to the motoring community. We haven’t just slapped some cars on shirts and called it a day. We’ve laboured over designs; we’ve thought long and hard about what we think and hope you guys and girls would be proud to wear.

Car culture goes hand-in-hand with clothing, we live to wear clothes – specifically shirts and hoodies – that show our passion. And as such, we have put the pressure on ourselves to get this right. The designs by Mr. Jalco are all original and come from hand-drawn sketches that are then inked before being digitised. We have tested numerous suppliers to ensure the products themselves are of the highest quality, and Mike has built a brilliantly user-friendly digital storefront from which you can choose and buy your wares.

This isn’t car clothing to make a few quid. This is motoring apparel designed and created by people who care about this stuff. People, ultimately, like you.

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